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                                        Welcome to Universal Skin Technology


               With an extensive experience of over many years in aesthetic medicine,

                                            plastic surgery and dermatology.


      Universal Skin Technology provides superior sterile mesotherapy solutions, also            designed to be   used in no needle mesotherapy, including, dermarolling,                               transdermal electroporesis (mesoporesis), micro needling, 

                                      mesotherapy masks, oxygen therapy,etc. 


Production and control processes of Universal Derma Skin Technologies. 

Production process of Meso and Peeling products

All Mesotherapy products are produced in  cleanrooms, class 7000 facility. The laboratory staff works in an aseptic environment under laminar units. 
Our Meso products are sterilized by filtration processes. Most other manufacturers sterilize by autoclaving (high pressure, hot steam (121°C)), which may damage the active ingredients in the product.  

This will not happen if the final product is sterilized by a filtration process; the percentage of active ingredients in the end product will not change.

Filtration process


The produced solutions are pressed  through a special 0.22 µm sterile membrane filter to separate micro organisms and suspended particles from end-product. All active ingredients are passed through membrane and are free from bacterial, fungus and particles contamination. Sterile filtration is performed at low temperature, thus all ingredients remain stable and not deteriorated.


The filtrated products are immediately filled into sterile vials and capped. The filtration, filling and capping process is fully automated and continuous which ensures that the sterility of end-products will be maintained.  All these procedures take place under a massive laminar flow unit and under a septic conditions.

For smaller production lots we have semi-automatic, with a septic processes available.


Packing of products


For all meso  products  only  pharmaceutical grade vials of the company Schott are used,  from which all steps in production are monitored by a DIN ISO 9001:2000 GMP - orientated Quality Management System.


The injection stoppers, used to close the vials after filling, are manufactured by the company West. The rubber stoppers are made from bromobutyl material. The stoppers are washed with a final rinse in WFI and packed in a class 100 clean room into a sterilizableBAG™.


For the final closure of the vials  easy to open Flip-Off® CCS aluminum seals are used , which are ideal for use in a septic operations as they are certified for bio burden and cleanliness.


These steps and products are to ensure safe transport and storage of all products. These steps are also taken to prevent contamination by fungi, bacteria etc., during transport and storage.


Quality Control


After production all filled vials are placed in quarantine until the quality control tests have been performed.

Tests include microbiology testing for bacteria, fungus and yeast, stability testing, pH testing,

100% visual testing, to ensure the absence of particulate matter and the absence of leakage. This  procedure guarantees that the products always match their specifications on appearance, sterility and quality.

The release report (certificate of analysis) is issued for each batch of product. Only than the product is ready to be sold.


European Portal for Cosmetic Products


All Meso products, both MesoExpert and Premium Meso are registered in the European Portal for Cosmetic Products. For private labeling regulatory files can be made available.


Our meso products are used with micro needling techniques, electroporese, oxygen therapy and other no needle techniques, but because of the high quality  standards of the products they are

Registered for injection techniques in many countries.


NOTE! We welcome proposals for private labeling projects. Product compositions can be discussed and evaluated.

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